Ensure Your Website is Optimised & Search Engine Friendly!

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  • On the first page of Google, the top 5 Organic listings account for 67% of all clicks
  • 72% of consumers who carried out a local search, visited the local store within 5 miles
  • The first organic desktop listing gets 19.3% of clicks (SEOClarity, 2019)
  • The first organic mobile listing gets 27.7% of clicks (SEOClarity, 2019)
  • 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines.



Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring all pages & content on a website is fully optimised for search engines, therefore improving your website's visibility & making it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank your website (we won’t bore you with all of them!)


SEO Audit for Your Company Website

As part of our initial Digital Marketing consultation we will run an SEO audit on your existing website, whether it be a lead gen or eCommerce website. This report will show any areas where the website could be optimised further.

Lambourn Digital can then act in a consultancy role if your business has personnel in-house to carry out the fixes raised in the SEO audit, or we can provide a full SEO service.


SEMRush - Giving Our Clients an Unfair Advantage!

semrush logoWe are a firm believer in using our industry's leading tools & software to ensure our clients get the most value for their investment with us. As well as being a HubSpot Partner Agency, we now use the leading SEO software to improve & manage our clients websites visibility, SEMRush.

The SEMRush toolkit enables us to carry out research on our clients competitors websites, that gives valuable data and insights, such as:

  • the amount of traffic a competitors website receives
  • what channels they receive most traffic from, e.g. Google, social media, referrals etc
  • what keywords competitors websites rank well for
  • what keywords drive the most traffic to their websites


This information gives us a clear picture of any gaps in our clients keywords. From there we will create a Content Marketing plan with suggestions on content that will help drive more traffic to our clients websites for those keywords.


A fully optimised & well-maintained website will mean improved rankings on search engines when people are searching online for services your business provides, bringing users with intent to your company’s website.


More qualified traffic to your website = more leads & sales for your business!


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What our clients say

  • As a result of Lambourn Digital's work, the Aristo.ie web site and published articles have become very active marketing tools. Each of my 60+ articles on my blog section are now fully optimised, which has resulted in my web traffic more then doubling in a short space of time. We are now busy responding to business opportunities generated as a result of excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work carried out by Lambourn Digital across my website
    Aristo logo

    Andrew Keogh

    Company Owner Aristo

  • Ian has brought a level of structure, efficiency & effectiveness to our Digital Marketing that we have not had before. Since teaming up with Lambourn KSS has changed on how we report on, and follow up leads generated through Digital avenues. We now have a better understanding of how tracking these will help us as a company improve across all departments. We are actually spending less on our Google Ads now than we have in the last 5 years, but at the same time we are getting better results due to Ian’s ability to identify what works and manage the campaigns effectively.
    kss logo-1

    Rob Davis

    Group Manager KSS Fire Suppression

  • Ian came on board with us here in WEW and immediately identified areas where we can grow leads and sales through online methods. Within 2 months Lambourn Digital had developed a fully operational eCommerce website for our relatively young company, something that most of our competitors in business for years have struggled to achieve. Our website is generating sales & leads for our business that we would not have picked up without Lambourn Digital's influence.

    Robert Sutton

    Director Waveform Electrical

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