Pay Per Click Advertising

  • 46% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions.iStock-517445185
  • 70% of mobile searchers will directly call a business via Google Search.
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.


Get your company to the top of the Google search results with a Pay Per Click Ad. The clue is in the name, you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad!


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Google & BING Ads 

For businesses who have not used PPC as a marketing tactic, what are you waiting for! As per Alan Coleman of Wolfgang Digital – ‘Google Ads will become the world’s most important advertising platform.’

Also, people who click on a PPC Ad and visit your website are 50% more likely to become a customer, than those that click on an Organic listing.

PPC Strategy & Reporting For All Clients

Our PPC team will chat with you about best strategies to implement on wither Google or BING (or both!) and come up with a Pay per Click strategy best suited for you business goals.


An end of month Google Ads report will be produced showing you key metrics such as number of impressions, number of clicks, top performing ad's & most importantly number of conversions.

Conversions = sales & enquiries generated by your website!



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Are you already advertising on Google or BING and not sure what return on investment you are getting on your spend?

Or do you feel you are spending too much money each month for clicks on your ads?

For businesses with existing Google or BING Ad accounts, we will carry out an audit to review how your campaigns are (or aren’t) performing. We look at your monthly budget and can give you a report back with suggestions on how to optimise your Ad spend & get your Ad campaigns working harder.





Social Media Advertising

Using the likes of Facebook & LinkedIn we can run highly targeted ad campaigns to your target market. We can tailor your ads to be shown only to people based on a number of demographics, such as


  • town, city or country lived in
  • age
  • income
  • job title
  • company worked for
  • industry worked in
  • & much more...

We also provide full graphic design service, meaning your ad campaigns will stand out from the competition and get the attention they deserve.



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What our clients say

  • We hired Lambourn Digital to develop a new website for our company. The whole process was seamless with the guys following our brief for the type of website we needed. Our PPC Ad campaigns are already delivering results for our business.
    EQS-new logo Nov2019

    Garrett Rothwell


  • We are ranking better organically for our most important keywords which Lambourn Digital are tracking for us month on month. The improvements they have brought to our website has increased traffic but more importantly increased business too. We have recently rolled out new Google Ad campaigns on select products which are proving hugely successful, bringing website visitors with high intent to our eCommerce website.

    Brian Whelan

    Director Bermingham Cameras of Dublin

  • MacQuillan Home engaged with Lambourn Digital to market our newly launched eCommerce website effectively. Ian's knowledge of eCommerce is invaluable to our company. We have increased our website traffic month on month using the latest SEO & Digital Marketing tactics, with Lambourn Digital's informative end of month reports proving same.

    Declan MacQuillan

    Director MacQuillan Home

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