What is HubSpot & Inbound Marketing?


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Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology designed to attract potential customers to your brand. This mostly happens before the customer is ready to make a purchase, but connecting early can turn into brand preference and ultimately leads and revenue.


The term "inbound marketing" was first coined in 2006 by the inbound marketing software provider, HubSpot.


According to HubSpot: "Inbound marketing is the process of attracting, converting, and delighting customers. Inbound marketing uses various types of content at different stages of the buying cycle"



What is the

Inbound Marketing Methodology?


inbound marketing hubspot


The inbound methodology is the method of growing your business by building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with the target audience, prospects, and customers.


The inbound methodology can be applied in three ways:


  • Attract: Attracting the right people using valuable content and meaningful conversations that help you to establish your brand as a trusted voice in the niche.
  • Engage: Presenting them with solutions that align with their pain points so they are more likely to buy from you.
  • Delight: Providing continuous help and support to empower your customers to get success with their purchases.



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The inbound methodology includes three stages-- attract, engage, and delight. Each of these stages includes various strategies to attain their respective goals.


Attracting Strategies

Inbound marketing strategies can help you attract your target audience and potential customers.

Creating tailored content according to your buyer personas-- such as blog posts, social media posts, and videos, etc. to provide value. For example, blog posts on relevant topics that include how your products can help them solve their problems or information about promotions and discounts.

To make attraction strategies more effective, optimize all the content pieces with an SEO strategy. Some of the on-page SEO strategies include-


  • Targeting specific keywords.
  • Optimizing your content for voice search.
  • Adding internal and external links.


Optimizing your content pieces for search engines will allow the search engine bots to rank your page higher in the SERP. And ultimately help you reach the right set of audience and hence potential buyers.


Engaging Strategies

When you start using inbound strategies to engage with your target audience, make sure that you’re communicating and dealing with leads and customers in a way that encourages them to build a long-term relationship with you. While using the engagement strategies, share information regarding the value your company will provide them with.


Delighting Strategies

Now that you’ve attracted the right set of audience and started to engage with them, it’s time to start delighting your customers. Delighting inbound strategies are used to ensure that your customers are happy, satisfied, and backed even after they’ve made a purchase. These strategies include turning your employees into advisors and experts so that they can assist your customers at any point in time.


Another strategy that is crucial to use is social listening. Most of your potential customers and existing customers are already on various social media platforms and may use these platforms to connect with your brand, ask questions, provide feedback, and more. Keep engaging with your followers on social media to provide them with all the help and support they need.



Top Inbound Marketing Strategies

Now that you know about the inbound marketing funnel, it’s time to discuss some of the best inbound marketing strategies;


Inbound Marketing Strategies part of inbound marketing hubspot




Blogging is the foundational element of any marketing strategy. With the help of blog posts, you can attract organic visitors, turn them into leads, and nurture the leads to turn into clients. However, it's crucial to understand that unlike pay per click advertising, blogging doesn't give immediate results. You need to be consistent and have patience. It might take a few months to reap the benefits of blogging.


Video Content

A whopping 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Also, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. This is the reason why videos have become the favorite inbound marketing strategy for marketers.

If you want to start leveraging video content for your business, some of the best examples of video content for promotion include- client testimonials, product demos, case studies, and product launch details. The idea here is to attract your audience and educate them.


Content Distribution and Promotion

There's no point in creating content if it doesn't reach the target audience. Along with high-quality content, you also need a great distribution and promotion strategy that can help your content to reach your target audience and convert them. Here are some of the best practices that can help you in content distribution and promotion-


  • Know your audience.
  • Find where they share and find content the most.
  • Understand what kind of content they prefer to consume and share.
  • Explore creative topics accordingly.
  • Create content that helps to solve the pain points of your audience.
  • Share your content as much as possible.


Email Marketing

A perfectly-created email marketing strategy is imperative for providing your subscribers as well as your existing customers with the right content at the right time. Email marketing is one of the oldest yet effective marketing strategies and 81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As mentioned above, search engine optimization is an important part of any inbound marketing strategy since it helps your website and content to leverage the search engines and drive organic traffic. The first step to leverage SEO is by doing keyword research, and then using those keywords in your website and content. Although there are many more SEO strategies that you need to use for getting appropriate results.




What is HubSpot and How Does It Help To Turn Visitors Into Leads?


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HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that can help your business to attract visitors, turn them into leads, and finally convert leads into customers. So to put it simply, it helps you throughout the process of the sales funnel.

HubSpot provides you with an extensive number of tools and the ability to make a difference in every step of the buyer's journey. The tools are divided into "Hubs". Though you can buy the tools separately, they work best when combined.


HubSpot Marketing Hub

The HubSpot Marketing Hub includes these great tools to help engage with existing customers & attract new customers to your business;


  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO



HubSpot CRM

The customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows you to organize and track all your leads and customers. This saves all the spreadsheet work and lets your team handle multiple tasks at a time.


Features Available in the HubSpot CRM

  • Activity tracking
  • Pipeline visibility
  • Syncing option with Gmail and Outlook.
  • User contact information
  • Real-time chat option with clients and teammates.



HubSpot Sales Hub

From managing to communicating and tracking all the leads, the HubSpot sales hub does it all. With more visibility in the pipeline, your team gets the chance to enhance communication with customers, eliminating the unnecessary time spent on doing the manual recurring work.


Features Available in the HubSpot Sales Hub-

  • Free calling
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Email sequences
  • Email templates
  • Meet scheduling



HubSpot Service Hub

As the name suggests, the HubSpot service hub allows you to easily connect with your clients and customers and improve relationships.


Features Available in the HubSpot Service Hub-

  • Customer feedback
  • Conversational bots
  • Support tickets
  • Live chat
  • Reporting and goals
  • Knowledge base



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